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Best P.G. and Hostel for Boys and Girls with food in Noida

Finding an ideal PG accommodation or hostel in Noida with good food, safety, and comfort can be very hectic. Considering this pain point, Grihum India has worked on the particular problems faced by tenants and is now considered to be one of the best places for PG accommodations in Noida, notably in sectors 62, 63, 66, and many more. The following article will help you navigate through the best options to ensure that you don’t miss the comfort of home, being away from home.

Looking for the best PGs in Sector 62, Noida?

Why go for PG in Sector 62?

Sector 62 is one of the most bustling and happening areas in Noida, with its corporate hubs, educational institutions, and bustling lifestyle. The most valuable thing in today’s era is time, and what’s better than staying at a place with all the amenities close by? Therefore, staying in a PG in Sector 62 can provide easy access to places for utility and entertainment.

Best PG in Sector 62 for Boys

Grihum India Boys PG

Grihum India is one of the best firms for boys looking for PG accommodation in Sector 62. With spacious rooms, high-speed internet, and two meals a day, the PG assures comfort and convenience. Additionally, the accommodation has security and power backup 24 hours a day, which makes it safe for students and working professionals. 

Most Preferred and Best PG for Girls in Sector 62

Grihum India Girls PG

Grihum India offers excellent PGs for girls in Sector 62. Nutritious meals, a safe environment, and well-furnished rooms make the accommodations top-notch. The preference of this Grihum PG from many people comes because of its proximity to IT parks and major colleges.

Amenities Provided

  • Fully furnished rooms: Fitted with modern comforts, study desks, and comfortable bedding.
  • Wholesome Dining: Experience different cultures with our offerings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi: Keeping you connected for work or school.
  • 24/7 security: The PGs are secured by CCTV surveillance and security personnel.

Searching for Best PGs in Sector 63, Noida?

Why to Go for a PG in Sector 63?

Sector 63 is also very prime in Noida. This is so because, having many companies and institutes of different kinds, working people and students prefer to be within its locality. Moreover, it is well-connected with excellent infrastructural amenities. Metro connectivity and nearby amenities make it more prominant as a place to live by!

Best Sector 63 PG for Boys and Girls

Grihum India PG in Sector 63

Grihum India provides suitable PG Accommodation for boys and Girls Sector 63. PG accommodations offered by Grihum India are immaculate and provide a standard quality of food and a homely atmosphere. 

Amenities Provided

  • Livable space: Rooms with en suite bathrooms, wardrobes, and balconies.
  • Delicious Food: Multi-cuisine meals prepared in a hygienic environment.
  • Recreational Facilities: Common areas with TVs, games, and fitness equipment.
  • Transportation: Shuttle services to local workplaces and colleges.

Top (Paying Guests) PGs in Sector 66, Noida

Why a PG in Sector 66?

Sector 66 is a great living option in Noida, so it attracts many students and working youth. It is a region that offers residential and commercial spaces in approximately equal numbers.

Highest Rated PG in Sector 66 for Boys and Girls

Grihum India PG in Sector 66

Paying guest services for students and working professionals is the best in Sector 66, Noida. This PG is very modern in facilities and quite homely in nature. For anyone who seeks to stay in a warm community with easy access to all prime locations of Noida, it’s the best combination one can find.

Amenities Provided

  • Modern rooms featuring amenities like in-room facilities and work areas.
  • Wholesome Diet: Nutritious and delicious meals given daily.
  • Entertainment: Public rooms equipped with TV, sitting areas for reading, and games.
  • Safety: 24-hour security with CCTV monitoring.

Living in Sector 62 means living close to the gigantic IT majors, educational institutes, and entertainment destinations. This area is developed and has excellent infrastructure.

At Grihum India, quality is maintained about the supply of nutritious meals meant for the betterment of the residents. They provide a variety of cuisines for different tastes and dietary needs.

Although security is a major concern in most PGs, Grihum India PGs have 24/7 security, CCTV coverage, and security personnel.


Yes, there are standard rooms with TVs and games/fitness equipment in the common area in Grihum India PGs.

A few essential peripheral amenities and public utilities that cater to Sector 63 are local bus stops and metro stations, which connect Sector 63 with other parts of Noida.

Grihum India offers the most reasonable PGs around Sector 62 that do not cut back on quality and amenities.


The most important condition is to make staying in Noida comfortable and productive while going for the suitable PG or hostel. Grihum India – the best PG accommodation is present in sectors 62, 63, 66, and all other Noida sectors with top-notch facilities, great food, and the safest environment. The hostels and PGs by Grihum India cater not only to students but also to professionals. They are devised to answer every one of your needs with the guarantee of a pleasing experience.